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We help self publishing authors improve their reader’s experience by designing the layout and typesetting of their written work.

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Book layout and typesetting design
book page layout and typesetting design
book layout and typesetting design
Book layout and typesetting design

the why

Why should you get a professional layout design?

Imagine if you had to read a text that has no titles, no indents, and generally no way of determining the importance of certain sentences… just plain text going on forever. It would be frustrating, we know. This is how some readers feel when a book is poorly designed.

But it’s what’s inside that counts, you might say, and we agree. Content is king, and a well written book should be easy to enjoy.

Good design principles when applied to layout design help to improve readability, and thus encourage the reader to keep turning those pages.

the process

How we work?

We like to be thorough and work methodically and so we’ve established a few steps that explain the process:


Your manuscript is ready. You are satisfied with your work and now you want to make sure that other people will enjoy it as well. Before you send your manuscript in for typesetting you should read it again, and again after that, and don’t stop there – give it to some friends to read it too. Why? Because this is the perfect stage to make changes and corrections if they are needed. After the pagination work has begun every change you make from that point onward has the potential of disrupting the flow. What this means you might be wondering? It means that the whole layout could need to be reformatted from the start.


When you are confident that your manuscript is in its final form you can send it in. At this stage we will work together to lay down some characteristics that your work should have. The book format is one aspect. There are typical book formats that are economical from a printing perspective, and there are special formats that you can choose to make your work defy the standards. There is also the typeface to consider. Some typefaces are easier to read than others and some may impact the number of pages of your final work. We will help you navigate these decisions and consult on what would be a good course of action.


This is where we do our magic.
You will get a PDF document for inspection and so you can provide feedback.
If all is well and you are satisfied with the result we’ll then proceed to generate the final document needed for print or for online publishing.

Perfectly formatted text

We make sure that your book is designed for compatibility with the intended destination be it printed or online publishing.

Manuscript formatting

You write it. We design it. Once you are happy with your draft we’ll take over the aesthetic of the manuscript.

Ready for print

Preparing a manuscript for print or for online publishing is not the same. We know the difference.

Coherent styling

We use paragraph and character styles designed to make reading your book a coherent experience.

Fast Turnaround

Estimated time of delivery is between 7 and 14 days. This varies slightly depending on your project’s needs.

Standard or custom Sizes

You can choose to break with conventions and have your work set in an original format. We’ll make sure it still looks perfect.


Bleeds & Margins

It’s our business to ensure your book abides by the typographic industry standards.


Custom Header & Footer

Personalized headers & footers that flow seamlessly throughout your book.

Professional Software

We work only with professional software that assures a perfectly arranged and formatted manuscript.

what you get

All the files you might need

You will be provided with all the needed files for online or print.

PDF File

The PDF format is commonly used for saving documents and publications in a standard format that can be viewed on multiple platforms.


Digital ebook format that provides a standard digital publication format for publishers and consumers.

Source files

Upon request you will get an InDesign Package containing all the fonts and images used included in your document.

who we are

Highly skilled designers

With more than 8 years experience in book layout and typesetting you can be confident that your manuscript will be in good hands.

You can rest assured that your book will be one of those books that you burn through and never know when you finished it.

Adela Nemes

Adela Nemes

Book Layout and Typesetting Designer

With a master’s degree in Graphics Adela is specialised as a book layout & typesetting having 5+ years of experience. In her free time Adela is struggling to keep Valentin off of gaming. 🙂

Valentin Sora

Valentin Sora

Expert Book Layout and Typesetting Designer

With over 9 years of experience in the publishing industry, Valentin is an expert in typography & page layout. In his free time Valentin can be found in the world of gaming.


What our clients say

Reviewd by Itzhak Nir

“If I could give Scenetic Designs 10 stars, I would. From the initial call, through months of collaborative work, to the finished product, professionalism was upheld to the max. In a day and age where verbal communication lacks, we had periods of almost daily chats, despite living in different countries! I can’t say enough about the quality of work and keen attention to detail. I don’t feel any other company would have given me such individualized and personal attention, in addition to putting their heart and soul into the project. They will be my go-to for all future design projects, no exception!”

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