Logo design

Your logo is the first impression your company makes. It is the symbol that potential customers remember and come to associate with your brand. It’s an important decision so let’s make it a good one.

logo design colage

I liked that I came out with a logo, I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and that helps explaining the biggest misunderstanding in the word orangewine in a visual way.
That’s cool I think. Thanks a lot!

– Stig0

The Logo is the symbol of your organization, it reflects your business and resonates with your customers through its core elements. It depicts the name of your business and its purpose, it is the bridge between you and your target audience and it resonates with people and creates an emotional connection with your clients.

The logo is also the backbone for your branding. It is used everywhere from your letterhead, advertising material, business card, envelope and web. All these elements of usage for the logo can easily create a brand identity.

How we work


We want to understand you, your business and your business needs. So we will ask you a series of questions in order to gather all the pertinent information in a creative brief. We look at the story behind your brand and try to understand what sets you apart from your competitors and how can we convey that into your logo design.


We start brainstorming and sketching ideas that express your brand’s personality. We  translate your brand’s attributes into visual language. At this stage you’ll receive the first drafts to review and point our focus towards the right direction in creating the perfect logo design for you.



Once you are happy with the design of your logo we move on to the delivery of the final graphic assets. You will receive your logo in vector and bitmap formats. You can use these files online and on printed collateral. We will transffer the rights to the design so that you are the owner of your logo design.

Need more than a logo?

Check out our logo design bundles. 

Logo & business card

You should be proud of your business card. We want to make that happen.

Logo & social media pack

Get your social media up and running with a great logo and graphics to match.

Logo & brand guide

Logo and a brand guideline that includes your brand's colours, typography, use cases for your brand assets.

Logo & Brand identity

A bundle package including logo, business card, social media covers, envelope, letterhead and brand guide

Logo & Website

Make your presence online with a logo and a website to match.

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